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We live in a world where economic migration resulting from war and other factors is commonplace. Migrants explores the stories of five women, forced by circumstances to uproot their lives, and the consequences of their actions. Migrants  is a book in five parts. Each part deals with the story of a woman who is forced to change her life due to circumstances outside her control and journey to a new country.

““Migrants is my debut novel. I am a successful entrepreneur and had always wanted to write. A two year stay on the South West coast of Ireland proved an inspiration and I wrote my autobiography “Stick or Twist” which has now been published. This whetted my creative drive. A month after I returned to the United Kingdom I was watching the news when, over a series of evenings, the harrowing scenes of refugees from Asia dying by the thousands as they attempted to cross the Mediterranean was shown. The large numbers of people involved in this human tragedy, and the diverse nature of their backgrounds struck me. It inspired me to write a series of stories dealing with the many challenges facing individuals who undertake migratory treks in the hope of  bettering their lives.” KEITH SOBEY

978-0-9956076-3-7 - Hardback

978-0-9956076-2-0 - Paperback

I am intensely proud of completing and publishing my first novel "Migrants"

I was inspired to write the novel after witnessing the plight of thousands of Asian refugees night after night on the BBC News.

The novel tells the story of five women who are uprooted from their homelands and face adversity in trying to rebuild their lives.

The novel has received excellent reviews and is being printed in the Far East as well as Europe.

A sequel " Nomads" will be published in October

I look forward to reading your feedback."

Keith Sobey




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